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Top 5 Reasons to replace your business processes based on paper.

Electronic documents are a reality today, allowing meet the needs of businesses. The following reasons can you be familiar, 
explain why it is time to replace their paper - based processes: 

1. Search time and retyping of information.

The document search is not a simple task if it becomes manifest the number
 of channels that can interact with the company in its day. It is worth asking how long delay our employees to find
 the required documents? 

2. High storage costs.

The warehouses and shelves for storing documents and cost of maintaining information that probably
 is not used, where often documents are stored duplicate, unnecessary and which further jeopardizes their integrity copies,
 making it even more difficult previous document retrieval point. The question is , Where do we keep our documents? What does
 it cost us? 

3. Inability to monitor workflows and signature

The paper - based processes may prompt errors, downtime and tasks remain 
unfinished for lack of visibility and real - time monitoring to identify and eliminate unnecessary steps, change the sequence
 of processes when delays or problems are identified, allowing simultaneous tasks, and thus doubts processes not be automated,
 you know what, who, when and what actions were taken? How many processes take too long without ending? 

4. Loss of documents.

Paper documents have a higher risk of loss, either because they are mislaid, filed mistakenly deleted by
 mistake, lost in our working environment or for other reasons of force majeure such as fires, floods they could be lost permanently.
How do we avoid unwanted loss of documents?  

5. 500 working hours a year spent an estimated median organization in search and retrieval of documents.

The cost of time lost in
 searching and retrieving documents is high, where the documentation is stored in different formats and locations with ratings that
 meet various criteria and that prevents us locate documents easily and quickly. How we organize our documents? Is it appropriate
 classification? For our solution of electronic documents.